WithJoy founders

Origin of Withjoy Corgi Kennel!

Withjoy Corgi Kennel was born in July 2017, inspired by the arrival of our first corgi, the enchanting Meli. She is the queen of our kennel, our initial love, and the driving force behind our passion for breeding. Founded by Catalin and Andreea, Withjoy is not just a kennel; it's a heartfelt endeavor rooted in quality over quantity. With a commitment to producing only the best, we limit our litters to around one per year, treating breeding as a cherished hobby. Despite juggling full-time jobs, Andreea's love for nurturing and raising puppies fuels our dedication. Withjoy is a humble start, but we dream of making it a full-time pursuit, and we're tirelessly working towards turning this dream into reality.

Andreea - The Heart and Soul of Withjoy

Meet Andreea,

the nurturing force and artistic soul of Withjoy Corgi Kennel. Since the first litter, Andreea fell in love with the art of raising and caring for puppies, making it the primary motivation behind Withjoy's existence. Beyond being an exceptional caregiver, Andreea is the best mom to both our children as it is for our puppies, trying as hard as she can to adopt a full Puppy Culture protocol in raising our little companions. She is the heart and soul of Withjoy, infusing every puppy with joy and warmth. At the core of Withjoy Corgi Kennel is Andreea!

Catalin - The Visionary Behind Withjoy

Introducing Catalin,

the person behind keyboard and lenses also co-owner of Withjoy Corgi Kennel. As the kennel's photographer, Catalin's passion for the corgi breed was the initial spark in choosing corgi breed, that ignited our journey back in 2017. An avid lover of animals, he plays a pivotal role in the breeding process, capturing the essence of each corgi through his lens. Catalin is not just behind the scenes; he is also the reassuring presence beside the dogs during all medical care. With dreams of making Withjoy a full-time venture, Catalin's vision and commitment infuse every aspect of the kennel with creativity and dedication.

While there's much to say about our family, we believe that getting to know us better will be a rewarding experience, especially if you're considering welcoming a Welsh Pembroke Corgi into your life.