"Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn't ever know we had."

Meli’s first litter, 2020. 8 puppies ( 3 males, 5 females).

A star was born – Hera’s first litter, 2023 (first litter with our kennel name). 11 puppies (6 males, 5 females).

”Time to blossom” – Meli’s second litter, 2024. 8 puppies ( 3 males, 5 females). – Puppies available

Litter I - Barksville corgis.

Sire: Mistycor Kingdom Walley
Dam: Murshmallow Party Stormguard

Date of birth: 09.12.2020

5 female (4 RW/ 1 TR, 3 NBT): Barksville I Am Guara, Barksville Ice Kitty Highball, Barksville In The Noble Fashion, Barksville Coffe Peanut Flavour, Barksville Island Spice Party

3 males (2 RW/ 1 TR, 1 NBT): Barksville Ideal White Russian, Barksville Incredible Hulk, Barksville Innocent Smoothie Energise

Litter A - "A star was born".

Sire: Barksville Wolfpoint Corleone
Dam: Barksville Island Spyce ”Hera”

Date of birth: 03.02.2023

6 male (6 RW): WithJoy Alf the Mighty Mite, WithJoy Alioth the Happy, WithJoy Apollo the Great, WithJoy Aquila Sun of Thunderbolts, WithJoy Aries the First Floyd, WithJoy Atom from Stardust

5 females (5 RW): Withjoy Alhena the Third Star of Well, WithJoy Alruba Mother of the Sun, WithJoy Alula The Major, WithJoy Alya for Barksville, WithJoy Ancha Your Superstar

Litter B - "Blossom time".

Sire: Jewelbug Hit The Road Jack
Dam: Murshmallow Party Stormguard

Date of birth: 16.02.2024

5 females (5 RW/ 2 Nbt): WithJoy BeeBalm Flower, WithJoy Black Eyed Susan (nbt), WithJoy Buttercup, WithJoy BaptiSia, WithJoy BlueBell (nbt)

3 males (3 RW): WithJoy Blazzing Star, WithJoy Bamboo Orchid, WithJoy Bud Flower

Puppies still available!