WithJoy B"lossom" litter - 2024


Pregnancy has been confirmed.


Meli’s C-section brought nine new additions to our family: six girls and three boys, each a precious bundle of joy.


We experienced a heartbreaking loss as we said goodbye to MICA, our cherished little girl. Despite our efforts to save her, her fragile health made her journey brief. It was a poignant reminder of the delicate balance of life, and sometimes, despite our best efforts, nature takes its course.


Our inaugural photo shoot went off without a hitch! It was a delightful experience capturing the beauty and health of our adorable pups, each one radiating with charm and vitality.


The second photo shoot, we witnessed our puppies beginning to reveal their unique temperaments. As they grow, their distinct coloring patterns and body structures are starting to take shape, providing a glimpse into the remarkable individuals they are becoming.


At eight weeks old, our puppies stole the show during their another photo shoot! Sweet as honey and full of charm, they melted hearts with their adorable antics and endearing personalities.


They’re developing beautiful structures and distinct personalities, ready to shine. With names to match their uniqueness, they’ll soon spread joy to new families! Happy to present you, the B-“lossom” WithJoy litter:

Withjoy Bud – perfect boy

Withjoy blaze – anoperfect boy


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